Phil Harris Designs

Now that we’ve gotten the eye candy out of the way, I absolutely loved the African tribal influences of this show. Each of the models knew how to display it in their own smolderingly sexy way and the huge chunky jewelry was just the icing on the cake. I especially appreciated how it was seamlessly gender-bending, with the males sporting oversized earrings and necklaces that hung like body armor.

My personal favorite though had to be the leopard print number, which came complete with Russian hat – extraordinarily sophisticated and polished yet still equally as wild.

Also, I love when the guests get in on the action and flaunt spectacular outfits, especially when there’s a cocktail reception after the show (I do want to give a shoutout for having decent wine and not the cheap stuff at this one) ;). In my opinion, outrageous guest outfits don’t steal the spotlight from the main pieces but rather accompany the show. Plus, I was lucky enough to rub elbows with photographer Derrick Williams, who is such a welcoming and open person along with being a martial arts master. Check out his Instagram via @kaizenstudioproductions and prepare to be amazed.