Strapped LA

This was a very jacket-heavy show with some belt bag action thrown in for good measure. I really liked the wearability of this collection – practical, but effortlessly cool.

I will say though this show got off to a very late start. Models didn’t start walking until 11pm – invite said event started out at 8:30. But how can you complain when this event was free and all inclusive? I think the idea was for everyone to have a few drinks and party beforehand so they were in a good mood for the show, but I say show first party afterward!

The actual runway show was a party itself though, with pulsing beats and plenty of dancing. It did feel like a celebration of the motorbike-inspired Strapped brand. I also lovedddd that they had a shop on premises afterwards. And so, I snagged myself a souvenir – a reversible denim jacket with orange Korean-style silk – available for purchase here if you’re interested: