Strapped La Dynasty Reversible Denim Unboxing

It took a little while to get here but it is finally hereeeeeeee! The jacket I ordered from the Strapped La show – this silk denim beauty – has arrived! One thing I think they could have done better is add a little note and/or receipt in the box but still, I absolutely can’t wait to rock this. It came with the denim side out but I think the BEST way to rock this is with the orange silk side out. Dragons baby. Now to style it – when I first tried it on at the show I was in all black with black pants that had red and white stripes down the side (not the pants you’re likely thinking of, bc we’ve all seen that around with the buttons at the bottom) :). Think skinny pants. Believe it or not, the orange with the red accent worked surprisingly well and the whole outfit was just like “woah”. Don’t think I’m going to try denim on denim with this though. We’ll see where this goes….