NYFW ends, but the style continues

It’s always a bit sad when NYFW comes to an end. Luckily it’s twice a year or just whenever if you’re Alexander Wang and broke out of the cyclical trend. What I really love is that during NYFW, New Yorkers really step it up a notch, even if they aren’t going to the shows. The whole city seems a bit more dressed up and I just love it. When people really try, especially when folks try to be different and not just follow the latest trend, the effect is just magical. You know it when you see that person on the street, just looking polished as hell. People are always like oh I can’t rock this, it’s too crazy, and I’m here to tell you YES YOU CAN. The key to rocking a crazy piece is to just start out by keeping it simple. Keep the rest of the outfit all black – like a plain black shirt with crazy bold colored pants and black shoes. Or maybe have a white tee and black skinny keys when you’re rocking an extra loud jacket. It doesn’t take much, and for those of you concerned about money – YOU CAN DO IT ON THE CHEAP. Yes. When I first moved to New York I was eating dollar slice, but people still said I had great style. It takes hunting, looking in the right places, sometimes buying vintage/thrift if you’re up for it, and if you really do have the money, you should be supporting unique designers rather than just buying the same big brand stuff as everybody else! Only then will you stay different. So until next fashion week! Stay stylish in between.