Hermès Carré Club

The Carré Club is Hermès’ classy little popup in the Meatpacking district, running until September 16th (8pm) and I have to say, they did an excellent job! Unlike some other popups, there was enough complexity and involvement there to keep your interest and it reminded me of Louis Vuitton’s well done Volez Voguez Voyagez popup a while back down by Wall St. At the Carré Club, they have a butler-style greeter to hand you your card when you arrive. The check-in desk can get a little crowded so I went right by it into the Studio! They had sketches and drawings galore of how the scarf patterns come into being. Most are beautiful portraits that could stand in an art gallery on their own. I really enjoyed the one called Riders on the Storm with a horse galloping in a tidal wave falling from the sky. Next was the animation booth where a drawn horse/man named Mino walks proudly on. Then there was the color wall, which was my personal favorite! I instantly found an icy shade of blue and deemed it “Snowblue”. I hope they like my color name! After that was he drawing machine which was a hand-cracked device that moved a giant sheet of paper across its wheels as a man at the end drew on it. Then there was a perfect display of the finished product – colorful and beautiful silk scarves, one depicting a cheetah curled up on a bed fo feather and jungle foliage , others just colorful and brilliant patterns. I had to resist the urge to buy one because I already have so many scarves that I don’t wear! But if I were to wear one, this would definitely be it.