Things I have my eye on this week…

Halloween is rolling around faster than I would like it to (could we perhaps have it twice a year, the other being sometime in May?) As mentioned previously, I am one of those people who is “go hard or go home” when it comes to Halloween.And so, on Friday, I am celebrating first with Matte Black’s (@matteprojects) “How did our dreams end up like this?” party/gathering in a secret carefully curated location (seriously, it’s awesome. I wish I could tell you). The theme is to choose either darkness or light and go hardcore with it. Three guesses as to what I chose…..Of course, darkness. My costume involves feathers and leathers, that’s all I’m gonna say. Hopefully I’ll have a few cool pics later to share with you guys, but if you want tickets, watch MATTE’s stories, which will then direct you to another account that has instructions on how to score Saturday night tickets (Friday is all sold out).

Saturday, I am going to a Seancethemed party at The Montauk Club in Park Slope put on by my long time favorite events host – @shanghaimermaid. Seriously, Shanghai mermaid events are freaking awesome. Every event, regardless of it being Halloween or not, asks you to don a vintage look and show up in a cool location. The last party I went to of theirs involved gathering on an old sailing ship in flapper attire with a live mass band playing as we sailed out to the Statue of Liberty. I expect they will blow me away with this Seance party as well. I have a separate, slightly more ‘Victorian steampunk’ costume for this. Yes, I’ll try to get some cool shots.

Sunday, I will likely just be chillin with my new @Keap candle in Fig (just got a subscription and I am stoked! [no, they don’t pay me – I just honestly love them].

And then there is +POOL – an organization with quite an awesome mission. They want to put a real pool – yes, the one you swim in – within the Hudson, complete with beautiful tiles and water filters to make it swimmable. They are hosting their Fall Swim Gala on November 14th and I am currently figuring out if I can make this – I can’t be out all night on a weekday folks ;p. Also, don’t be afraid of the donor dinner ticket prices – there’s 8:30pm after dinner tickets for just the Night Swim portion going for less.

In other news, Arlo Hotel is letting you pick your own apples with a $10 cocktail special during the week. Not sure if I can make apple picking time (4-7pm) with my hours but I’ll be catching up over a cocktail here next week with a friend. I’ve actually been here once for a Haiku Tournament (yes, you read that right) put on by @thehaikuguys and it is an amazing venue/space. Last time they had winter huts to chill in.

Until next time. 😉