Cartier Parfums Soho Pop-Up Store

I had honestly been procrastinating visiting here. I knew that I wanted to pay a visit, but because of Halloween, my past two weekends have been packed! And so, on the final weekend of the Cartier Parfums Pop-Up, I made it in.

The outside is very enticing, with gorgeous flowers on the windowsill:

Then, once you come inside, (yes, I am also one of those people who will shyly hover outside a store window before sometimes going in), there is this little postcard stand where you choose a card from the wall and then decorate it how you see fit:

Though I’m not a fan of pink, I chose “Let your inner fragrance shone through” for the cute quote and then went to town decorating it at the little stand.

Yes, they had stamps. I was very much a fan.

I think this was actually my favorite thing in the whole store to be honest, but I didn’t want to linger so I dropped the postcard in the mailbox at the front of the store and moved on. Did I mention that they were nice enough to even provide stamps?

Then came the sell:

Cartier is really pushing their new Cartier Carat fragrance. They have a little light showroom where they showcase the fragrance along with a graffiti artist who was due to be there that afternoon to personalize each bottle. Plus, the bottle itself is built to refract light like Cartier’s namesake jewelry:

The scent itself was an elegant blend of muted flowers. I have to be honest though, I wasn’t floored by it. It was a nice fragrance, but if you guys have been following this blog so far, you could probably guess it wasn’t for me. The scent was too ‘pink’.

So naturally, I made my way to the back and picked up a more exotic scent – Oud & Santal.

I love loveeee this scent – it’s a “mysterious romantic evening” if that’s anything of a description and has this musky “I can’t quite place it, but something’s different” scent to it. Super sexy. Great bottle.

So, I had to get it.

And, they offered this cute little infused water stand while you waited on them to pack up the scent:

Also, I have to say they definitely spent some time and energy on making the bag luxurious. It has a thick rope handle and a nice weight to it that just feels higher quality.

I will have to say though, I was falsely led on about the bottle decorating. They said I could come back around 2pm that afternoon to get the bottle ‘engraved’, but of course when I came back they let me know it was only for the Cartier Carat one. Oh and that it was graffiti art instead of engraving, which definitely would not have gone with my bottle. I think the staff were just a bit off-kilter/worn-out since this was the next to last day. That’s ok though, because I will take a better scent over bottle engraving any day.

And so I headed out with my new fragrance and tested it out on my customary Saturday date night with my boyfriend. He definitely loved it too. Every time he smelt it, this devilish little smirk/smile appeared on his face. That alone was worth the purchase. 😉