A magical day in SoHo

Let’s be real for a second – SoHo, while graced with beautiful cobblestone streets and gorgeous loft apartment buildings, can feel a bit ‘retail’ at times. However, if you’re brave enough to venture into the smaller boutiques, you will be rewarded. Case in point – this past Saturday.

After a morning spent at Cartier (which, while nice, still felt very ‘retail’), I headed in a very roundabout way to a store I’ve been meaning to go to for a while – Wolf&Badger.

Yet, before I arrived there, I wandered into a few shops along the way, so let’s go in order, shall we?

After my Cartier experience I first ended up in The Selects – a collection of 10 emerging designers – Beyond Closet, SWBD, The Centaur, Wnderkammer, Nohant, Heohwan Simulation, Lie, Bmuette, Kye and Hidden Forest Market – with some K-Beauty thrown in for good measure.

I highly recommend a visit. (It’s at 62 Greene St – you’re welcome).

The staff do a great job of dropping the pretension and everything is in this great space with high ceilings and lots of racks to choose from.

Plus, the K-beauty selection is impressive. 3 of my friends are either from or are living in Korean now and I have scored treats like Innisfree before they were even in NYC. From all this, I have to say – Korean skin care products are da bomb. They come in the prettiest packaging and have such nice fragrances. Oh and they actually work. As someone with super oily skin – I find that Korean skin care products paired with healthier eating and tea tend to make my skin behave than say washing it with dish soap, which I have actually done before out of pure desperation.

And so, while I didn’t get any clothes – many of the collections I liked were a bit sweater-heavy and I would melt to death if I didn’t rock my normal combo of a short sleeve shirt and jacket that I can take off – I definitely made some good purchases in the K-beauty part of the store.

Upon taking these babies home, I realized that the Rules of Mastic Mild Cleanser is great for taking makeup off and the Finnish Peat face mask from IPKN is an amazing followup to get any other trace of dirt out that was even thinking about staying on your face. The boyfriend tried it too and he says he loves it. It makes your skin super smooth afterwards.

As for the Huxley Secret of Sahara body wash? This I smelt in store and then just had to throw it in for fun. Boyfriend also like this one as well. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, the associate that packed them up for me was super nice and had great makeup. Plus she threw in a bunch of free samples – including a pumpkin sleeping mask that I have to figure out how to use without getting it all over the place. If you have any tips please let me know.

Next was Mansur Gavriel. I feel that their bags are getting popular now, but I’m more of a CΓ©line gal when it comes to ‘serious’ bags. I just prefer the ‘face’ look. However, I did find some interesting statement piece clothes in there that caught my eye:

While I didn’t feel the need to buy any of these pieces right now this second, they were quite cool.

Next on my very roundabout trip to Wolf & Badger, was another place I have had on my list for a while – The Line.

What’s cool about it is that the store is set up like a sophisticated Soho apartment. You literally take an old front door elevator up to floor 3 and there you are – in someone’s place? But no! It’s a shop – a shop where nearly everyone has taken a selfie in the full length mirror by the entrance, including me. (I’m sorry guys – I can’t be original all the time).

Amongst all this, I made the most random purchase here – nail polish. Very sleek, dark blue nail polish. As someone who is notorious for chipping polish off, I’ll let you know what happens with that.

Also, I just have to mention that the tall male sales associate with long hair (I’m really sorry – I’m horrible with names) was incredibly helpful and nice. He showed me the subtle yet refined Mark Cross box bags, which I have my eye on for when my current black cross body bag wears out.

After my visit to The Line, I headed to where I had originally set out to go – Wolf & Badger.

I was poking around the shop when I discovered that they were having a meet-the-designer showcase featuring none other than the lovely @lauxmc of @amorandrosas. She is absolutely amazing. She’s one of those people that you meet who is a genuinely good person out there trying to change the world for the better.

Her works are all about sustainability and supporting local artisanal tradition. She was rocking her own “Beautiful Memories” piece – a black robe with traditional embroidering of ‘Operation’ game pieces. Yes, the surgeon game you likely played as a kid. But think beautiful colored yarns and South American flair.

As I tried on her works, I came to The One I just had to get – a black bomber jacket with a hand-painted Aztec warrior fearlessly gracing the back:

She told me about the insane requirements to become an Aztec warrior in the first place, which I will let you look up because they are not for the squeamish here! I felt like we were just hanging out in the shop talking travels and such for so long that it didn’t feel like a retail experience at all. Yet it came time to say goodbye so I purchased the jacket above along with a pretty cool Matt and Nat black vegan leather bookbag which I hope to get a good picture of soon.

Then I ventured off with no other destination in mind and ended up in Dreams on Air. To be honest, I was drawn by the window display like a moth to a lamp. ;p

There I met Sabrina, who was just amazing. She was one of these people with a bright, bubbly personality who is in that store to hook πŸ‘ you πŸ‘ up. πŸ‘

The shopping experience even came with champagne. πŸ˜‰

The pieces in Dreams on Air are crazy unique. We are talking “only one made” sort of unique, where some designers have refused to make a duplicate for someone who missed out the first time around. It ends up making the pieces very special when all is said and done.

So I came between a denim jacket – dark wash, distressed on the outside with an inside lining that was as soft as a pillow, and…..

This metallic chameleon overcoat:

As you can see by this hanging outside my closet, I went with the overcoat. I can’t wait to rock it and since it is so loud, I am planning on doing black-on-black underneath with high heeled black boots to give it more flow when I walk. The way the fabric casts out and shimmers behind you is what sold me in the store.

I just need to get the sleeves hemmed a bit and I should be good to go!

So there you have it – a day in Soho filled with interesting people and a great shopping haul. πŸ˜€ I can’t wait to take pictures of my other finds and post them for you guys. Until next time!!