The Aquarius Festival

While a seafood festival may seem more appropriate for the summer, the folks over at Secret Summer have figured out how to bring one together in the dead of winter and even gave it a pretty good name – The Aquarius Festival.

Honestly, it felt like an awesome wedding reception. You know, with those fun relatives who will always get up and dance. The venue (The Foundry) was absolutely gorgeous and had multiple rooms to wander through along with an upstairs area to view the action from above.

There were raw, smoked, and ceviche oysters along with as much drink as you could handle. My personal favorite was the Argbeg 10YO Bloody Mary, garnished with a slice of lime and celery stirrer.

There was also two fire pits (I hope they have three next year – honestly I could do without the cornhole) along with some excellent seafood outside. My favorite had to be the Greek Hard Clam Chowder from Kellari. Following that would be the sautéed mussels from Ca’pisci. We also split a whole fish from Ca’pisci as well. I’m hoping next year there will be even more seafood-specific vendors, but this was a very tasty start.

Also, given that this is (mostly) a blog for fashion commentary, the dress code was Winter Garden Chic and the guests delivered. There were fur hats and golden sequin dresses along with patterned dinner jackets from the gentlemen. I went with a black sequin miniskirt and highneck short sleeve sweater option, topped off with a mint overcoat.

Later on in the evening, Hudson Horns made an appearance and they struck up some tunes:

Just an excellent evening all around. I can’t wait to go back next year and for now I am on a mission to figure out how to recreate the Bloody Mary they served. Until next time. 😉