Small Boutique Fashion Week Show

On Saturday, I went to the Small Boutique Fashion Week Show which was hosted the Harold Pratt House – a gorgeous mansion gracing the Upper East Side that also functions as the headquarters for the Council on Foreign Relations.

Here was the lineup:

The show opened with the kid collections Halabaloo and Les Tout Petits, which was very smart because it cut any pretentiousness that might have been in the room. People were cheering the little models on from their seats.

Next were the ‘adult’ collections, starting with Sbobsession:

Then Mia Maree with some nice gowns:

King Swim Sport was next, but I believe that design did not end up showing so we picked up with Evol Eras instead. I loved the ombré blue furry coat:

Then, my absolute favorite – Original Crackage. This was no-apologies streetwear genius that came out to the tune of Look by Leikeli47. The matching baklavas made it.

Then, last but certainly not least (actually my second favorite), was Emijaa. This collection had a mix of crazy long earrings and feathery jackets along with some playful shirts:

Afterwards, there was a cocktail reception on the upper floor, which had a handsome library paneled in dark wood:

Overall, great show. Original Crackage certainly stole the spotlight and I’ll have to see if I can get my hands on the black and white puffer jacket. 😉 I can’t wait to see what next season brings.