Sushi by Bou Suite 1001

On Tuesday, I ventured to Hotel 3232 for one of my most-anticipated dinner reservations – Sushi by Bou in Suite 1001. AKA – the world’s first restaurant to open inside of a hotel room.

Once making your reservation (I made mine via NightOut), you receive a prepaid ticket for the 17-course experience. I also love the image they use, which also happens to be the same painting within the room. More on that later.

Upon arriving at Hotel 3232, you approach the front desk and ask for your room key.

You’re then ushered into a freight elevator and taken to Floor 10, where you use your key at, you guessed it, door 1001. Inside, you’re welcomed by a red-headed bartender/hostesses along with a smartly dressed man who took our coats.

At the bar, 4 diners were finishing their meal, so we waited in the lounge area, which has a sake vending machine. $40 gets you a ‘laundry card’ that you can insert to taste each offering. I opted for a cocktail instead, but next time I will have to try the machine.

Once we were seated at the bar, the chef introduced himself and then got to work. The preparation of each piece was graceful and mesmerizing to watch. Plus, I loved his all-white ensemble.

Each course was prepared with care and extraordinarily tasty. As you can likely tell from the below, I only managed to take 16 pictures so I must have forgot to take a snap in my excitement. Still, you get the idea – it’s 17 courses.

Yes, that last one was a bit of cake for dessert. Overall every piece was absolutely spectacular (My favorite had to be the roe). I can’t wait to go back.