PlaceInvaders – East Village

This was my first time going to a PlaceInvaders dinner party and I have to say, it was a definitely a great experience. The general idea is that PlaceInvaders finds an amazing residence and opens it up for a dinner party while the owners aren’t there. This particular home was actually a repurposed synagogue.

Once inside, I was blown away by the interior design. Old mixed with new via dark wood accents and modern art. There was even a TV disguised as a mirror on one of the bookshelves on the second floor. Plus this house had three outdoor terraces – one of them sporting a hot tub.

We had cocktails downstairs to adjust ourselves to our surroundings while Chef Hong Thaimee prepared our meal. One of our fellow diners later told us that the chef was a former model and now owned three of her own restaurants in Manhattan. After this experience, I will definitely have to check them out.

The cocktails alone were very well done – not syrupy sweet but rather lightly sweetened and garnished with a sprig of rosemary. I had the gin option while my friend went with the whiskey base.

We were also served an appetizer of what I believe was artichoke which was incredibly tasty. I devoured it too quickly to get a picture.

Then, after a bit more conversation on the plush couches (Seriously, we had sunk into them), we seated for the main experience – dinner.

First up was perhaps my favorite dish of raw marinated salmon over cabbage:

Next was a dish prepared with Instagram-famous purple noodles. This had a slight kick of spice at the end that was perfectly balanced out.

Then we had the main course – a thai green curry with Mississippi-style fried chicken. This was accompanied by a giant soft flaky biscuit with a basil leaf on top.

Last but certainly not least was our dessert, which consisted of a little bowl of chocolate dipping sauce meant to represent the melting pot that is New York. The items to be dipped? A crisp ladyfinger, apple slice, strawberries, and orange slice.

Overall, a pretty fantastic meal. Afterwards, my friend and I did one last tour of the house, wishing that next time we could come back in the summer when the hot tub was open. I absolutely can’t wait for the next PlaceInvaders experience.