Sushi by Bae

A while back, you may have noticed that I did a post about Sushi by Bou – a four seat omakase within a hotel room here in NYC. In short, it was the most amazing sushi that I’ve ever had. And so, I had to try the sister experience, Sushi by Bae, which is an omakase orchestrated by Oona Tempest. While the setting was a little less intimate (no room key needed to enter here), the sushi was still equally phenomenal.

Here’s a shot of each piece, in order of serving:

Yes, each piece tasted as good as it looked, if not better. The fish was just perfectly soft, buttery, and fresh. Don’t even get me started on the uni.

Seriously, the art and craft put into this meal is beautiful and I cannot appreciate enough the care that went in the preparation of each piece. The bar has been set pretty high for any other omakase I experience now.