There have been quite a few art events this week surrounding Frieze and even though my calendar has been packed, I finally made it to one in the form of Carlito Dalceggio and Bruna Gomez’s MYTHOLOGIA LIBRE Pre-Opening.

Upon entering, there was a very distinctive smell (a light blend of slightly musky essential oils), which I later found to be the work of Tansy Kaschak. There was also ambient background music that set the mood.

As for the works themselves, they had a very raw, tribal element to them that seemed like shadows of mythology and nature. I’ll let the official description speak for itself:

My favorite had to be the Manifesto piece because of the raw energy within the words:

I loved the beauty of the text blended with the fierce Basquiat-like images:

There was even a bit of neon:

I also liked the colorful combination of works on one wall:

In short, it was an excellent pre-opening. I highly recommend that you give it a visit starting tomorrow, when it’s officially open to the public and take note of the smell.