Frieze Art Fair New York 2019

The last time I had been to Randall’s Island was for the Bloomberg Picnic last year, so I had no idea what to expect for Frieze taking it over. Plus, it was my first time going to Frieze at all so I had pretty much zero expectations.

I only wish I had taken a notepad to jot down little thoughts – as a writer of fiction, I am inspired by art and used to also compose music based on art alone. Plus, there was a wide variety of works displayed (no, it was not all ‘paint splatters’), such as these mermaids in washing machines:

As well as a replica MTA bus that held a quirky crew of passengers inside:

Along with a field of metallic spheres:

Yet, I still feel like it might be considered a bit rude to take pictures of paintings/wall art, so I do apologize that photos of those are a bit scarce! However, I did take pictures of the labels of works I liked so you can go out and find these talented people at your leisure. 😉

I also just wanted to take a moment to remark on the fashion because it was definitely a fashionable crowd. Everyone was dressed to impress.

There was one woman in a cheery blue overcoat who sported this Jeff Koons bag that I’m now after:

There was also a man with a tie that spiraled upward into the air, which I personally loved. Anytime someone is brave enough to dress eccentrically, I applaud them!

Another standout character was a girl with paint-splattered overalls and five or so pastel clips in her short hair.

Of course, there’s no pictures of these folks because I didn’t want to bother them, but it just goes to show you that major art events like these are also great for people watching.

For now, I’ll be going through my copy of Frieze magazine while looking forward to the next one.