La Nuit En Rosé

As you can see from all of the previous posts on my blog, this week has been full of culinary delights. It’s essentially event season and I have been loving what I’ve attended so far.

As for La Nuit En Rosé, it’s essentially a rosé festival complete with a pink-and-white dress code where guests gather on a boat to cruise around the Hudson. As the name suggests, they two primary night cruises on Friday and Saturday, but there’s also a day cruise on Saturday which I chose to fit this in my schedule. I’m so glad I did the day cruise because today’s weather was absolutely perfect.

First off, this is the boat. I’ve been on this type of yacht before for TimeOut magazine’s summer event last year, and it is roomy! There’s multiple levels (both inside and out), with plenty of space for a dance floor:

You board it at Pier 40 after being handed a keepsake glass and waltzing down a pink carpet. We spent some time in the dock (boarding was from 1pm to 2) and started some tastings before sailing off:

Once we set sail, the views were amazing:

We even went to go see Lady Liberty. I tell everyone that comes to visit me in New York – the best way to see her is from a boat cruise. Skip going to the island and book something like this or a clipper ship from Battery Park instead.

We cruised around from 2pm to 4pm and I had a blast. Most people were dressed to impress and they definitely were not running out of wine. I would be interested to see what the vibe of the night cruise is like and will definitely be keeping an eye out for their future events.