As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I recently joined Equinox. (Biking by itself wasn’t cutting it for me, especially during the winter months) I’m three visits in now and I have to say, it’s better than I even imagined.

The facilities, for one, are incredible. I went for the Destination membership (normally $295 a month) that gives you access to all clubs rather than just one and I am so glad I did because each one has a slightly different flair.

The one I went to has a rooftop with a phenomenal view, a pool, a rock wall, basketball courts, and multiple floors of cardio. Since I’m just starting out, I’ve been hitting the treadmill, which has this incredibly realistic VR screen that makes it feel as if you’re running in a forest.

Also, there is not as much judgement as I would have thought. People are generally walking around minding their own business and don’t care what level you’re at, even the trainers. Speaking of trainers, I met an extremely helpful guy by the name of Eric who showed me where the running track was on the 3rd floor of the sports club. He gave me some extra motivation with his story, having gone from shrimpy high school kid to a muscle-armed adult.

After working out, I headed to the downstairs cafe, which offers smoothies among healthy dinner dishes such as roasted chicken with Brussels sprouts. A few folks were taking advantage of the cafe area to get some work done. It’s one of the things that make Equinox feel like a club rather than just a gym. I, for one, am definitely drinking the koolaid so far and can’t wait to take my first class.