One of my friends landed an amazing job at Google within the past year and though she lives in San Francisco, she decided to visit NYC for July 4th and let me in as her guest. In short, all of the rumors are true. There are dogs, there are ping-pong tables, and yes, there are scooters. I even took one for a ride and managed not to crash into something.

Granted, the people here work very hard for their amenities so, no, the employees aren’t just chilling in a massage room 24/7 (though the thought is tempting), but, yes, they do have those too. There’s even massage chairs littered throughout the campus for some extra motivation (Yes, I took one for a spin).

Another thing I really liked was the infinite amount of nooks and crannies to do your work. You could chill on the north side patio, with an amazing view of the Empire State Building or you could curl up in a comfy chair on the south side, facing One World Trade.

Also the art and decor littered through the place makes the building seem like a grown-up playground. Plus, at 6:30pm, they serve a generous dinner that you’re more than welcome to eat on their north-facing patio.

I, for one, am so glad that my friend was nice enough to give me a tour. Hopefully she’ll extend another invitation soon. 😉