Shanghai Mermaid – Vintage Tokyo

Shanghai Mermaid parties make you feel as if you emerged from a dream afterwards. This underground series specializes in taking you back to time to the glamorous era of the roaring twenties. Locations are carefully selected and each gathering has a specific theme. This time, it was vintage Tokyo.

Though this might not be explicitly stated, costumes are pretty much mandatory for Shanghai Mermaid events. That’s what makes it so fun! This time, I switched up my usual flapper attire with a kimono-inspired silk piece and donned red lipstick for the occasion:

Having never been to this particular venue before, I was equally intrigued by Alleycat – an underground club that lives up to its namesake. The entrance is literally in the empty alleyway next to the Beekman hotel.

Inside, the vibe was Shanghai Mermaid to a ‘t’. There was vintage decor and far-east inspired wall hangings along with moody lighting and and excellent cocktails.

After we had our fill, we moved to the dance floor, where the Carte Blanche ensemble struck up some lively tunes.

This was followed by a beautiful traditional Japanese dance by Yuriko Miyake, whose outfit was just as elegant as her performance.

Afterwards, the Carte Blanche band resumed and we jived our way across the dance floor until our feet were tired. My friend had an elaborate feather headdress that made us many friends, even when seated:

We headed back out to reality as the clock struck midnight, knowing that we had truly experienced something special and very true to the Shanghai Mermaid aesthetic. I, for one, can’t wait until their next event.