The Cala Panel at Le Board

The invitation was enticing enough:

Le Board was a space I’ve never been to and they did an excellent job of hosting. Outside, they gave the event an air of exclusivity by closing down the rest of the space and only ushering RSVPs inside. Downstairs was Le Board’s shop showcasing independent designers, which was worth checking out on its own. Upstairs was the event space, which they hinting at using more in the future. I, for one, loved the high ceilings along with the vibe.

As for Cala? Well, I could never imagine that such an online platform existed. Cala aims to enable designers to compete with the likes of Zara by bundling the services needed for production into one space. By approaching factories with a slew of designers rather than individually, Cala obtains the good prices needed to compete while ensuring that the final product is up to par with the designer’s quality standards.

We received a full demo of the website from none other than Ruth Gruca, a fashion industry veteran.

They also wheeled out a cart with pieces made from the platform itself, including a Cala-branded pair of socks, a sleek black tee, and, my personal favorite, a bright neon green vest.

The floor then opened for Q&A and Alex, the founder, showed us how he had created his own wedding suit using Cala (embellished with glowing trim, of course).

I can definitely see up-and-coming designers using this platform and, as one Q&Aer requested, I would love to see an online shop with designer creations made from Cala. If anything, I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing much more of this platform in the future, especially during NYFW.