Ex Mermaids Show

Fashion Gallery invited me to a few shows this NYFW and the first show, Ex Mermaid, completely blew me away. The intro was mysterious and certainly didn’t let you know what to expect. Models poked their heads out from backstage with a finger to their lips, “shhh”ing as a track from the Sound of Music played in the background. Then, they disappeared before fully emerging to a soundtrack of heavy bass, clad head to toe in whimsical designs with baby pinks and blues. Yet, there was an edge to it, as the soundtrack suggested with a bass-heavy remix of Billie Eilish’s ‘you should see me in a crown’.

There was a dash of outlandishness with the headpiece accompanying the first outfit, and then we were brought back to earth with a very wearable soft pink number.

In short, it was whimsical throughout with the designer reining in reality with some pieces before heading back into ‘Alice in Wonderland’ dreams with the next.

There was even a baby that made an appearance next to a Cinderella-esk gown.

Overall, I would definitely look for more from Ex Mermaid. It’s the perfect blend of childhood fantasy and elegant design.


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