Dreems Temperley London Pop-Up Launch

I kicked off my NYFW circuit this time around by paying a visit to Dreems. If you have been following my blog for bit, you’ve likely noticed that I have mentioned Dreems before.

Formerly Dreams on Air, this little shop in Soho is a mecca of good design. If you are the type to buy more of a one-of-a-kind piece versus a flashy name-brand one, you certainly need to pay a visit. I feel like I am officially a disciple now after purchasing a phenomenal Victoria Hayes coat-dress from here. In short, I am now a raving fan and obtained an invite to their Temperley London pop-up launch.

They really did everything right. There was an open bar for one and you had the option of mingling with the other guests or trying on a piece for yourself. I met fellow blogger chantillysongs there, who is an absolute sweetheart in person!

As for the pieces, there was a good amount of sparkle and touches of floral accents that didn’t feel forced. Instead they were quirky and interesting, like intricate doodles stitched into the fabric. Also, the patterns!

My favorite had to be the below beaded dress, which would be absolutely perfect for the Great Gatsby party at Capitale in December:

If you would like to get your hands on a Temperley London piece, stop by the shop prior to the end of September. Ask for Sabrina.


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