Designer’s Collective

I attended this show thanks to Fashion Gallery and boy, was there variety! Essentially the Designer’s Collective bundled several designers together and I absolutely loved that they all had strikingly different vibes.

The first collection featured red and black numbers with interesting red rings around the models’ faces. The dresses and skirts were made with romantically flowing fabrics and the men’s’ looks were incredibly sharp.

There was even a red women’s suit with black accents that gave me Cruella De Vil vibes.

The second collection, aakofii, was full of pastels and laced up corsets. It was as if the models had emerged from a dream.

Then, some fashionably tattered pieces began to emerge, such as the below which was actually my favorite look overall from this collection:

This leather corset and flowing skirt combination had to be my second favorite:

Next up was a collection featuring playful, flowing skirts along with some florals:

Then we had a bit of dreamy lace:

Then, a gown fit for a Disney princess:

Up next was a collection that began with just covering the bare essentials.

Then, bold African-inspired prints emerged:

The last collection was full of smooth street-style looks, starting off with a Benjamin-adorned pantsuit and ending some vibrant neon camo looks. The sneaker game was also very strong:

I absolutely loved this sad face sweater:

The rest of the show finished strong with bold colors:

Overall, the range of styles across these collections was very impressive. Each designer truly showcased their own ‘voice’. It makes me truly look forward to what Fashion Gallery will show in February.


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