Ontavia Roulette

There are few designers that truly possess artistic genius. Ontavia Routlette is one of them.

The name of the show was intriguing enough – The Death Of A Child’s Imagination. While that title may lead you to believe that this would be a gothic affair, the design on the invite displayed the top of a dress that was bubblegum pink and cotton candy blue, adorned with a trim of glittering sequins and beads. The resulting vibe was the perfect mix of darkness and light.

The entire show was set to an unsettling soundtrack of submarine sonar-like beeps that reminded me of a music box melody. As for the designs, they were intricate – beautifully beaded bodices dropped into full gowns while top buns, hats, and crowns adorned the models’ heads.

The effect was an eerie parade of outfits fit for a princess.

There was also a bit of plaid.

However, my most favorite piece of all was a dress with a checkered plaid print on the outside, pulled back to show heaps of tulle filling the skirt. It was a stroke of genius in itself.

To sum up the collection as a whole, it was a solid display of pure talent. Keep an eye on Ontavia Roulette.


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