Tribeca Art and Culture Night

I have now made it a tradition to attend almost every Tribeca Art and Culture Night. It’s one of the very few excellent events in this city that is absolutely free (though paid tours and patron tickets are available). It’s also a great source of artistic inspiration for those who may have run into blocks of any kind.

Essentially Tribeca galleries throw open their doors for a night of exploration. Generous glasses of wine are served as you make your way from one gallery to the next, surveying a wide variety of art and even a few performances in-between.

One of the highlights from this edition was a table full of potatoes by Victor Grippo at Alexander and Bonin. It much like the lab of a mad scientist with a penchant for spuds and seemed to embody scientific curiosity mixed with the religious significance of the Last Supper. In short, it was definitely garnering attention.

Another standout piece was a video shadowbox of individuals making subtle yet graceful movements at the James Cohan gallery. It reminded me of THE RAE SHOW, a performance piece I was lucky enough to see in 2017 of an artist living within a shop window that allowed 24/7 observation. Personal meditative movements turn into public observations, making for a mesmerizing dynamic.

We wandered from gallery to gallery, viewing a wide array of styles from structured to abstract:

There were also open studios, one being a subterranean attachment to a gallery itself:

There were even QR code pieces in this subterranean studio that linked to web searches in Safari when my phone camera hovered over them. One scan yielded “truth = information x utility” while another generated “v i m a n a”.

We ended our night with a jazz performance by The Individuation Quartet. It reminded me why jazz and art pair so well together; both enable you to lose yourself within them. I certainly did my fair share of head bobbing and foot tapping to this troope of talented individuals.

Overall, I have to say that it was an amazing time. Stay tuned tor the next rendition of Tribeca Art and Culture via their mailing list or Instagram page @tribecaartnight.


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