Dinner in the Village

FRANKIE and Ad Hoc Collective have teamed up to bring a special new supper club to the West Village with a bit of an Aussie flair. Having never been to Ad Hoc Collective before, I was delighted to find that the entrance was hidden down within the subterranean level of a brownstone and partially obscured by green foliage, making the dinner that much more enticing.

Once inside, my friend and I felt as if we were welcomed into someone’s home. We hung up our coats and starting chatting with the hosts as glasses of excellent wine were ushered into our hands. The effect was more like a family gathering around the dinner table.

The place settings were also on point, with pink nude-figure adorned cards of thanks gracing each spot atop well-designed menus informing us of what was to come.

The lights dimmed as the last guests arrived and I delved into catching up with my friend. The air was festive with many smiles and laughter coming from the crowd, and just felt comfortable and entirely natural. It certainly wasn’t the stiff feeling that some people call to mind upon the mention of a super club or dinner party.

Soon enough, the rolls arrived, which were just perfect with the whipped bottarga. Unfortunately, we devoured them before I could take a picture, but I can say that we appreciated the hint of garlic woven in and the fluffiness of the bread. I did, however, get a picture of the fluke with sambal sauce, cucumber, and garlic:

Next up was the scallop with nam jim sauce, avacado, and green apple, also light but delicious:

Then, my friend was spoiled by his favorite dish – steak tartare with romesco sauce, sunchoke, and horseradish.

Then, we continue to be spoiled with excellent pea and chive dumplings followed by endives with rich burrata, persimmon, and radicchio:

The hosts were generous enough to provide us with another round of rolls to dip in the remnants of the burrata, which was heavenly.

Then arrived our most favorite dish of all…The red curry snapper:

It was perfectly spicy and rich, served alongside vegetables, rice, and some coconut cream sauce to cut the fire. It was one of the most memorable, flavorful dishses that I’ve ever had and I’m honestly already craving it again.

Just when I thought that nothing could top such a memorable meal, we were then presented with our dessert, an absolutely lovely Pistachio Cake:

It was incredibly fluffy and light, but surprisingly rich and served alongside some Ortrogo, which was the perfect strong drink to end the night.

Overall, I would say that this supper club has lept out of the gate, arms swinging with each masterfully put-together course. Such an authentic charm is hard to curate, and this partnership has achieved just that. I will definitely be on the lookout for more dinners to come.


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