Here we are.

Hi everyone, I hope you’re hanging in there. I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Other obligations, tech issues, moving, and then the crisis have all kept this from happening. Yet, even though I’ve gotten a little more free time on my hands, I can hardly write about things to go out and do in this great city. If anything, I want to encourage you to stay inside. With that, here are things you can do within the comfort of your home…

Learn a new language

You might be thinking that a time in which we’re shut away from the rest of society might not be the best time to learn a new language, but modern technology is on our side. As someone who has been attempting to learn French, Chinese, and Japanese for the longest time, the extra downtime is perfect for making the Duolingo bird happy again. I also really like Memrise, which is structured in the format of a game, and Coffee Break French, which is a podcast put on by Glasgow-based language buff Mark Pentleton.

Binge watch a show (without feeling guilty)

As an unashamed anime fan, I have been rewatching Inuyasha in subbed form. The show features a half-dog demon, many other demons, and a reincarnated priestess running around feudal Japan. Just my cup of tea.

If you’d like to binge watch something less than 100 episodes, try Trinity Blood instead, which was a short-lived but very good Vatican-versus-vampires tale (around 20 episodes).

Support NYC businesses

If you have the means, why not support a local business throughout this troubling time?

Threesome Tollbooth, a secret cocktail bar made for two which I was lucky enough to visit before the crisis, is offering delivered cocktails. You can also buy a doc a drink.

If Niche Niche, Special Club, Tokyo Record Bar, or Air’s Champagne Parlor means something to you, support them via GoFundMe or by purchasing a gift card. If you decide to go the gift card route, simply email them with your request.

Organize your home

For someone that just moved as this crisis was beginning, this is more about acquiring the right pieces of furniture and getting set up again in my case, but you can easily do a re-org of your own place now that you’re spending so much time within it. Get some containers delivered to you via Wayfair or The Container Store and organize. Or, if you’re not in a position to be purchasing things right now, simply clean. Cleaning tends to be therapeutic, after all.

Stay healthy

In my case, I am being extremely cautious about this whole thing and I’m not venturing outside at all (today marks day 10 of not leaving my apartment). Between that and all gyms being closed, it seems pretty difficult to exercise in these times. Yet, it is possible. Be a friend to your downstairs neighbor and ensure that your floor has a rug or some sort of padding over it. Then, put down a yoga mat and try the app Yoga Poses.

A less structured alternative is just putting on your favorite music and throwing a good old fashioned solo dance party. Bonus points for some sort of form.

In terms of food, I used a local grocery delivery app to do a one-time purchase of supplies once I moved in and plan not to do another for a while so I can limit my contact with others. Again, I’m being rather strict about this whole thing. Another option is signing up for Daily Harvest, which allows you to make healthy smoothies that actually fill you up. You just need a few cartons of almond milk or oat milk , a blender, and some freezer space.

Treat yourself

Now you have time to use all of those face masks that you’ve been stockpiling. I don’t have any to recommend here as I tend to receive a number of random face masks as presents from friends and just use those. Mud masks and other forms of masks work here too.

Also, if you’re a fan of it, paint your nails. I grew up playing violin and could never have long nails, so I just didn’t really try spruce up my own except for special occasions. Now, however, would be a perfect time to bust out that polish.


As someone with two novels in progress and no time to ever work on them, I can’t stress this enough that now is the time to go after your creative pursuits. If writing doesn’t do it for you, try a coloring book and some nicely sharpened colored pencils. Or, put down some newspapers and pull out some paint. I find that a good soundtrack helps foster creativity, so take the time to discover some new music as well.

There you have it. I also think it’s worth noting that nothing above is sponsored. These things are just things I genuinely use and might just make your quarantine life a little bit easier.


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