The European Fine Art Fair

One of the amazing things about New York is that there is no shortage of art. Having been to the Park Avenue Armory before for Ai Wei Wei’s Hansel & Gretel exhibition, I was happy to return for The European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF).

The vibe was far different from Frieze. Instead of contemporary pieces with more abstract ideas behind them, TEFAF offered a series of classical works such as a famous portrait of George Washington by Gilbert Stuart and Picasso’s lesser known works. There were gorgeous lifelike oil paintings and ancient artifacts with cards that announced their authenticity via radiocarbon dating. There was even a collection of arms and armor at the Peter Finer booth.

My favorite piece had to be an incredibly realistic painting of two ships at the MacConnal-Mason booth named The Heroic Speedy and Gamo. I am very much a fan of water and loved the color of the sea along with the detail present in both the ships and the waves. The entire booth had a number of pieces to get lost in and was certainly my favorite overall.

After we finished pursuing the lower floor, we made our way upstairs to a beautiful balcony that offered a nice view of the fair from above.

Another flight of stairs up was a champagne, oyster, and salmon bar, where dealers and other industry veterans were mingling. Down the hall were more collections, ranging from antique books inlaid with gold to a three-dimensional piece that looked like fabric being pulled out of the canvas. Adorning the walkways were phenomenal photographs of women in the art world, which was a special exhibition done via partnership with Bank of America that put the spotlight on some very well-deserving individuals.

Out of respect for the art, I didn’t take many pictures, but I am definitely looking forward to visiting TEFAF again for the Spring Fair. It’s May 8th-12th in 2020 for those of you who would like to mark your calendar in advance.


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