White Lights

There are few celebrations like those put on by William x Alexandra. They are the creative masterminds behind You Are So Lucky and The Danger, which are ethereal experiences designed to transport you away from reality. I attended their how did our dreams end up like this party the year before last and really loved the intensity of the setting.

For White Lights, guests were encouraged to ring in the new year by dressing true to the theme as if they were attending the Met Gala. I arrived in angel wings, a silver Venetian mask adorned with pearls, and a feathery headpiece.

Other guests arrived with equal amounts of feathers and ballgowns laced with strings of lights. One girl affixed a white balloon to her headpiece and some arrived nude except for the presence of white leather straps.

Exotic music played as guests took in the space, which featured a gorgeous white tree in the center with graceful performers slowly dancing around it.

The lower level of the venue was lit in red and featured performers with saintly headpieces of gold seated on the floor while heavy bass thumped around us.

The upper level offered an excellent view of the space, which was a refurbished synagogue maintained by the Angel Orensanz Foundation. I’ve also attended shows for New York Fashion Week here and no better venue could have been selected. This space is just fantastic.

As more guests arrived and the clock ticked closer to midnight, my boyfriend and I swayed to the music while enjoying the cocktails and hors d’oeuvres provided for the experience. My favorite had to be the eternity cocktail, which was a nice blend of vodka, aperol, prosecco, and a splash of club soda.

As midnight approached, a big band appeared onstage and a performer in silver body paint on stilts walked through the crowd with rainbow streamers. It was a beautiful crescendo, coming to a climax when the clock struck twelve and white circular confetti fell from above.

Afterwards, heavy bass pulsed through the main level and various costumed guests climbed atop the Tree of Life to dance. It was a truly magical way to ring in the next decade and I truly appreciate the level of detail put into these experiences.

If you would like to attend the next William x Alexandra event, sign up for their mailing list and eagerly await the next invitation…


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